Print news articles from independent and reliable news sources reporting on individuals and organization in the criminal justice system for trafficking related offences are a crucial source of actionable information in the fight against human, wildlife and natural capital trafficking.

Collecting these articles and identifying key data points such as the name, gender, nature of the crime, dates of arrest, charges and industry, allows members of the anti-trafficking community to build a better picture of activities and the nature of those perpetrating the crimes. This data is also useful to law enforcement, financial institutions and financial intelligence units.

In addition, the data offers a greater understanding of the role of print media and how concise regular reporting is very effective to increase transparency and knowledge to reduce trafficking.

Liberty Shared's Information and Data Collaboration programme has been working with nearly 40 NGOs across Africa, Asia and South America.

We are grateful to Giant Oak for their work in creating this platform with us. Giant Oak builds artificial intelligence software and behavioral analytics to identify bad actors and networks. We encourage you to check out GOST®, Giant Oak's flagship screening and investigations software, to meet your organization's due diligence and CSR requirements. GOST® includes analytics trained to find traffickers by leveraging insights from this unique dataset compiled by Liberty Shared's Information and Data Collaboration Programme.

We recognise there are obvious limitations to the current data sets and many questions to be answered. We are working hard with our partners to provide a more comprehensive understanding and more data points, including publication date, source country, transit country, destination country, method of transportation and weight of seizure, and we look forward to presenting information on these as data becomes available.


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